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"Avgrunn" (Abyss) for violin, cello & piano (for Agder Camerata, 2022)

"Einars tema" (Einar's Theme), arrangement for violin, piano & organ (for the Covid-project Stemmer fra Søgne/Voices from Søgne, 2021)

"Fall" for violin & viola (for Agder Camerata, 2020)

"Nidelvens bredder" (Riverbanks of Nidelven), arrangement for strings and alto sax based on material from "Anne & Alet" (for Edwind Grosvold & Agder Musikkråd, 2019)

"Resepsjonisten" (The Receptionist), film score (with Hergel Film, 2019)

Original content for music library (for South-Norwegian Film Centre/Sørnorsk filmsenter, 2018)

"Besessenheit" (Obsession) for piano solo (for Susanne Kessel's "250 piano pieces for Beethoven", 2017)

"Pingvinene" (Penguins), for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet & bassoon, theatrical score (for Taffelpikene, 2016)

"På sort lerret" (On a Black Canvas) for flute, clarinet & piano (for Agder Camerata, 2015)

"Sympho-Noir", film score (with Hergel Film, 2015)

"Forestillinger om frihet" (Thoughts on Freedom), film score (with Mari Storstein, 2015)

"Tema & Fantasi: gjendiktning av tema fra Bak Fasaden" for flute, clarinet, alto sax, violin & piano (for Agder Camerata, 2014)

"Mur av taushet" (Wall of Silence), film score (with Lars-Erik Eliassen, 2014)

Amandus festival (TV spot, 2014)

Recordings with Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra (with the film scoring program of University of Lillehammer, 2014)

"Fotspor: teater for livet" (Theatre For Life), film score (with Elisabeth Lindland, 2014)

"Ponytales", film score (with Siri Bråtveit, 2013)

"Concert Suite for alto saxophone & piano" (for Tove Nylund and Erik Haugan Aasland, 2013)

"Anne & Alet", film score (with Hergel Film, 2013)

"Hergel Film" (Company logo, 2013)

"Drømmer" (Dreams) for piano solo (for Erik Haugan Aasland, 2012)

"To filmscener" (Two Film Scenes) for clarinet, violin, cello & piano (2011)

"Den hengte mannen" (The Hanged Man), film score (with Hergel Film, 2011)

"Ballade" for piano solo (for Erik Haugan Aasland, 2011)

"Six Little Pieces in Aubergine" for piano solo (2010)

"Suite from M/S Berntsen" for piano solo (concert arrangement of student film score 2010)

"Prelude" for piano solo (2010)

"Sonatina" for piano solo (2009)

"Bak fasaden" (Behind Closed Doors), film score (with Hergel Film, 2008)

"Arkitektene" (The Architects), film score (2008)

"Elvedrama" (River Drama), theatrical score (with Søgne children's theatre company/Barne og ungdomsteater, 2007)

"Crabbed Age and Youth..." (W. Shakespeare) for baryton/tenor, clarinet, piano & cello (2007)

"To nokturner" (Two Nocturnes) for piano solo (2006-2007)


NOPA stipendium 2016

Norwegian Composer's Society 2015

South-Norwegian Film Centre 2015

Composer's Remuneration Fund 2014

Muncipality of Søgne artist stipendium 2009

Cultiva stipendium 2009


South-Norwegian Film Centre 2015: Best shortfilm ("Sympho Noir", winner)

Documentary Film Festival of Volda 2015: "Nymfeprisen" (Best film by a newcomer) ("Forestillinger om frihet", winner)

IFMCA awards 2014: "best original score for a documentary feature" ("Anne & Alet", nominated)

GoldSpirit awards 2009: "best original score by a new audiovisual composer ("Bak Fasaden", pre-nominated)

Amandus Festival 2009: "best short film" ("Arkitektene", nominated)


"250 piano pieces for Beethoven - compilation 2" (featuring "Besessenheit", Kessel Music Projects, 2021)

"Anne & Alet" (MovieScore Media, Kronos Records, 2014)

"Den Hengte Mannen" (Normann Records, 2012)