International Film Music Critics Award (nominated; best original score for a documentary feature)




Stipendium/project funding from NOPA (Norwegian composer & lyricist union)


Commission funding from Det Norske Komponistfond (Norwegian composer's fund)


Stipendium/project funding from Komponistenes Vederlagsfond (Norwegian remuneration fund) 


Søgne kommunes arts stipendium for 2009


Darren Rea of says:

"Mark Candasamy's orchestral score for Anne & Alet straddles the line between score and classical music. There are so many beautiful themes woven throughout this album, that even after listening to this constantly for over a week, I'm still discovering things about it that I love. (...) This is a most impressive score - and one I'd suggest all lovers of classically scored soundtracks should add to their collection as soon as possible."

Olivier Debrosses of says:

"Composed for a documentary feature, this graceful score is characterized by a flower skin sensitivity, and his seemingly calculated approach conceals a burning passion. We look forward to this composer handling the big screen!"

Pierre Braillon of says:

"This score, with its broad string movements loaded with end to end emotion, possesses the beauty that these early scores from young composers tend to have, with that "first time" naivity, a total devotion.

Eirik Mortensen of Grimstad Tidende says:

"How differently the tones ring in Mark R Candasamy's pieces from "Anne & Alet", where we find ourselves carried away by unspeakable melodically and harmonically beautiful saxophone and piano tones. The music is incredibly well-composed, open, and airy enough to make room for the film medium, but at the same time possess the character and robust composure to stand on its own. It was the most "ear-friendly" part of the day's program, in the best meaning of the term."

Thor Joachim Haga of Celluloid Tunes says:

"As the only Norwegian or Scandinavian contribution, (Anne & Alet) was recently nominated for the IFMCA awards (...), which is an award held in high esteem among composers, and the only recognition available from film music critics. (...) The music is mainly romantic (...) at times almost reminiscent of Ralph Vaughan Williams, with its soft string textures (...) a slightly unknown gem from the passing year, which recieved more recognition abroad than it did in Norway."

Melissa Minners of says:

"Candasamy has been nominated for the International Film Music Critics Award for his musical score for Anne & Alet. It is easy to understand why. (...) ...the entire album is highly enjoyable."

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